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My Dad passed away when I was 6 years old. My parents were not together when I was a baby, so I never knew my Dad or his family. We lived Florida and my Dad lived in his home state of Wisconsin. Over the years I thought about him and his family and always wondered about what they were like.

In 2002, at age 38, I started doing some genealogy research. On my Mother's side I found lots of information but on my Dad's side I wasn't finding much, but I had little detail to go on. I had always thought my Dad's hometown was Madison, Wisconsin, but this was incorrect. I discovered this when I sent for his original social security card registration form. Finally one day I decided to try the phone listngs on the web, again, but this time in Ashland. I say again, because I had tried looking up information before, but I looked in Madison, Wisconsin. So in my mind I had ruled out the phone listings as a source, but then realized that I hadn't looked in Ashland. I think I had a little divine intervention that nudge me to look in the phone listings again.

I found one listing for a Woodward in Ashland. So I wrote a letter and sent it. I didn't want to get my hopes up so I didn't think about it to much in case I never heard back from anyone. As it turned out I did hear back from someone; "How wonderful to hear from you. You indeed have found your Uncle Bill." I will never forget those first words. I called my brother and told him the wonderful news. We found our family and got to meet them in June of 2002.

Thomas Woodward

This is my Dad, Thomas John Woodward.

The Woodward family holds a reunion the last weekend of June, every year, in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Woodward Family of Ashland, Wisconsin
Frank Thomas Woodward9/9/1912Virginia, MN12/1/19739/10/1933Ella Christina Albert3/26/1909Saskatoon, Sadkatchewan, Canada6/11/1995
Children of Frank and Ella Woodward
James (Jim) Thomas Woodward2/17/19358/2/1995
Frank Edward Woodward3/28/1934 --
Robert (Bob) Ray Woodward5/30/1933 --
Jack Arthur Woodward8/15/19388/18/1997
Thomas (Tom) John Woodward6/25/19416/23/1971
Eileen Woodward Bashel3/22/1944 --
William (Bill) Roger Woodward10/9/1950 --